[PiNK]Bunny's ASH anti-Cheating Page

Bunny explains what ASH is, how it can catch cheaters and how best to use it on your UT server.

(Last updated: 13th January, 2003)

Admin files

Example ASH ini - 26 April, 2003 Contains triggers for most bots up to present day.

In-depth info about ASH, by [PiNK]Bunny


ASH is a mutator named AntiShockHo it works alongside UTPure. It works in 2 ways.

It scans all players upon entering the server looking for known aimbot, radar, Server Lag and Server Killer actors (cheat binds). AntiShockHo can be configured to kick or punish the offending player.

ASH is totally configurable and can be updated with any new "binds" as and when very simply.

If a keybind is found ASH will:

  • Log the the Player's Name, IP, Key, and Keybind to the Server's Log file.
  • Announce to all Players in the server across the centre of their screens that a Player with an Aimbot Keybind is on the server and log to each player's message window the Player's Name, IP, Key, and Keybind. (An example of ASH in action can be seen here and here. These messages were put in the chat box as well.)
  • Change the Keybind on the Player's machine to anything you want to change it
    too. The default is to change it to SUICIDE. However, it can be changed to
    anything; i.e."SUICIDE | say I am trying to cheat but I will now suicide!"
  • Reduce all damage done by the player to other players and take away his
    ability to frag anyone (except himself).

ASH is configurable only by using the system console (unless you trawl thru the ini file) by a server administrator who is logged in, tho ASH admin can be awarded to another trusted by logging in and adding that persons IP. They will now be able to configure ASH.

"Mutate ASH" will bring the following supported commands... (Typed in the console window)

MUTATE ASH (or MUTATE AntiShockHo) will print a list of all the in game commands.
MUTATE ASH ScanKeybinds <? | ON | OFF> - Scan Player Keybinds.
MUTATE ASH LogKeybinds <? | ON | OFF> - Log Player Keybinds.
MUTATE ASH LogABKeybinds <? | ON | OFF> - Log Player Aimbot Keybinds.
MUTATE ASH LogActors <? | ON | OFF> - Logs all the Player's Actors.
MUTATE ASH AnnounceABKeybinds <? | ON | OFF> - Announce Aimbot Keybinds.
MUTATE ASH PenalizeABKeybinds <? | ON | OFF> - Players with Aimbot Keybinds can NOT frag opponents.
MUTATE ASH ChangeABKeybinds <? | ON | OFF> - Change Aimbot Keybinds.
MUTATE ASH ReplacementABKeybinds <? | Keybind> - Keybind to change Aimbot Keybinds to.
MUTATE ASH CenterviewLimiter <? | ON | OFF> - CenterView Limiter.
MUTATE ASH ShockTauntKiller <? | ON | OFF> - Shock Taunt Killer.
MUTATE ASH KickBadActors <? | ON | OFF> - Kick Players with Bad Actors.
MUTATE ASH ListAdmins - Lists the IPs of the AntiShockHo Admins.
MUTATE ASH AddAdmin <Player Name | IP> - Add an AntiShockHo Admin.
MUTATE ASH RemoveAdmin <Player Name | IP> - Remove an AntiShockHo Admin.
MUTATE ASH ListABKeybinds - Lists the Aimbot Keybinds.
MUTATE ASH AddABKeybind <Keybind> - Add an Aimbot Keybind.
MUTATE ASH RemoveABKeybind <Keybind> - Remove an Aimbot Keybind.
MUTATE ASH ListBadActors - Lists the Bad Actors.
MUTATE ASH AddBadActor <Actor> - Add a Bad Actor.
MUTATE ASH RemoveBadActor <Actor> - Remove a Bad Actor.
MUTATE ASH ListEvents - Lists events and abnormalities during this game.

"?" - Displays the current value of all commands it is supported with.
ON - Turns the command ON
OFF - Turns the command OFF

So any further updates for binds will be updated by using: MUTATE ASH AddABKeybind <Keybind>

All of the settings can also be changed via the AntiShockHo.ini file. A default AnitShockHo.ini file is included with the distribution. To restore it to it's original settings simply delete it and the AntiShockHo mutator will recreate it

These are the default AntiShockHo.ini file settings:


These will quickly become out of date and more will need adding once publicly available.

With the news that PureRC59 has been hacked we are vastly becoming aware of the need for ASH for extra protection from cheaters, tho ASH isn't 100% protection. I am aware that a new type of Anti cheat is currently being written which will look at the size of certain files, corrupted files are
larger and these files will be denied access to servers using this new protection. This is available, but I am unsure as to its details.

There is also rumours of Pure60 being written even tho we were told that there were to be no more Pure software available to UT.

You can't always be sure you are playing on/run a 100% cheat free server, but you can make it difficult for cheaters/botters. If you should be unlucky
enough to find any botters, the best thing you can do is name and shame along with full proof, as this acts a deterrent to others considering botting.


Bunny is the founder and clan leader of the instagib CTF, TDM and DOM UT clan PiNK. Bunny is also a Jolt and Wireplay admin and respected member of the UT community. Bunny has been instrumental in catching several high-profile cheaters.